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Why Does Gold Leave a Black Mark on My Skin?

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Although under normal conditions gold won't tarnish or corrode, consumers often complain that their gold jewellery has left a black mark on their skin. There are a few reasons that this may occur:

  1. Perspiration and oils from the skin may react with the other metals in the gold alloy. This can often happen with changes in the body's chemistry, such as during pregnancy.
  2. Other chemical products, such as hairspray and perfumes, may affect your jewellery. It is advisable to put your jewellery on last, after the other products have dried.
  3. Air pollutants can smudge jewellery and rub off onto your skin.
  4. Minute particles of dust or powder may be embedded in the skin, and result in extremely small particles of gold alloy being rubbed off and left on the skin.
  5. Though very rare, it is possible for a person to have an allergy to gold or to one of the other metals used in the alloy. A common allergy is to nickel which is often used in fashion jewellery and some white golds.
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