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Classic Pearls

Our collection of pearl jewellery is designed to compliment the natural beauty of the pearl

Coeur De Lion

Handmade jewellery from COEUR DE LION is timeless beyond measure. Their piece are minimalist in design with unusual colour combinations, making them both elegant and unconventional. This contrast gives jewellery from COEUR DE LION a timeless feel that will endure for years.

The use of high-grade materials and extremely precise craftsmanship give designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION an exceptionally long life. After all, you want enduring beauty to last. To guarantee this, the whole manufacturing process – from the initial design to the painstaking final quality check – takes place in our Stuttgart studios. That is the only way to translate Carola Eckrodt’s timeless designs into refined jewellery which its wearers will enjoy for years to come.

Every COEUR DE LION necklace and bracelet comes with a stainless-steel quality seal – your guarantee of carefully checked workmanship from our studios. Each jewellery box also contains a certificate of authenticity authorised by the stockist you buy from. This is our way of certifying that COEUR DE LION designer jewellery is of the highest quality and has been made to last.

Diamond Jewellery

Gaviota Colombian Silver

Made by 6th generation artisans this unique jewellery comes from the
idyllic Santa Cruz de Mompox.
Employing techniques from the early colonial days, the artisans produce
delicate and stunning pieces.
Gaviota jewellery is crafted in Colombian silver with a fineness of 970.
This means it is 97% silver, compared to sterling silver that is 92.5%


GEORGINI fuses modern elegance with fashion forward design to create a range that includes something for every occasion.
Choose from an eclectic mix of bold black and white designs, or flaunt your femininity with classic intricate pieces.
Crafted from premium materials, GEORGINI offers luxury for every woman. The core GEORGINI range is made of the finest rhodium plated sterling silver, semi-precious stones and glittering cubic zirconium. GEORGINI STEEL and CANDY are created from stainless steel, cubic zirconium and brightly coloured enamel.
GEORGINI is not only accessible to every woman, but the finishing touch to any outfit.

Gift Vouchers

Gold Bangles & Bracelets

Gold Chains

Need a new chain for your new piece? Or perhaps replacing a chain you already have.

Gold Earrings

Gold Jewellery

Gold Pendants & Necklets

Gold Rings

ICE Watches


Kanjo Personalised Jewellery

Kanjo jewellery is the perfect way to keep your loved ones with you always
Kanjo means ‘emotions’ and this collection has been designed for you to express
your emotions for those closest to you
Each Kanjo piece is crafted from Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold and individually stamped
with the name of your loved one
Designed and custom made in our onsite workshop here in the Clare Valley, SA.

Loose Gemstones

Mokume Gane

For the warrior at heart...

The traditional technique of Mokume Gane was invented by a 17th century metalsmith, to be used for the adornment of Samurai swords.

In Japan from the late 1600's to the mid 1800's the Samurai sword changed into a symbol of the Warrior Class.

The quality and amount of decoration on the sword handle was an indicator of the social status and wealth of the owner.

Designed and Handcrafted by R&B Sutherland

Our Collections



Handmade in Amsterdam, by using authentic ship rope we carry on the Dutch legacy. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age with you.
In the early 1600s, Dutch explorers set sail to unknown parts of the world, eventually boasting the largest naval fleet on Earth. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands and ways of life – all the while overcoming oceans of obstacles along the way.

To protect themselves from bad luck, mariners inked tattoos of a pig and a hen on their feet because crates of pigs and hens were oftentimes the only items left floating after a shipwreck.

The sailors believed a pig and hen tattoo would help them not only survive the strongest of storms, but also allow them to float back safely to their beloved homeland.
Stronger than steel

Ringers Western


Designed in-house by Rachel and inspired by the latest in fashion trends, these pendants are designed to be worn either alone, or in as many layers as you like.
These delicate pendants are available on various lengths of chain to help you create the look you want. 

Silver Bangles & Bracelets

Silver Chains

Need a new chain for your new piece? Or perhaps replacing a chain you already have.

Silver Earrings

Silver Jewellery

From contemporary to classic, sterling silver jewellery is the perfect compliment to any outfit.

Silver Pendants & Necklets

Silver Rings

Stainless Steel

Ted Baker

Test 123